Fertility Massage

ACS_0010Blissful Fertility Massage

60-Minutes, $109

The nervous system is put at ease with a nurturing rocking warm oil massage that induces a deep state of calm and relaxation. A specialized abdominal massage increases circulation to the reproductive area and increases vitaity to the female organs. De-stressing is a necessary daily component of women who are trying to conceive. Regular spa services will ease an over-anxious mind and create the deep sense of well-being that is necessary to vibrate health and vitality throughout all the cells of your body. Woman who are trying to conceive will benefit from inviting positive and supportive messages to the mind and body that promote total acceptance, ease and relaxation in the body. Includes a foot reflexology treatment to stimulate the reproductive and glandular systems of the body. Overall health and relaxation results from this blissful Fertility Massage. Best when used in combination with regular breathwork classes to stimulate the “hara”, a woman’s creative center located in her sacral chakra and navel.

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