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omega 010Kabbalistic Personal Year ……$85
50 min, $85.00

Using the ancient wisdom of Universal Kabbalah passed down through the ages, and the practical application of the laws of the universe, this reading walks you through a step-by-step roadmap for the entire year. The most fruitful times to enter into new endeavors, start a relationship and take action are highlighted. It also identifies the periods where you should reflect and examine, and save your energy and determination for another period. It identifies the times when you are more likely to fall into traps or make mistakes, so you can proceed cautiously. These are the times to do extra research, develop more patience, organize and plan, and gather your resources. Save action for a later time, when the natural laws are more in your favor. This study will identify exactly where these periods fall each year, and what that actually means for you individually. Your birthdate, including the year you were born, is needed prior to the consultation.


carrie's wedding 047 copy 7 - pixolatedWedding Bliss – Let’s Pick A Date!    ………….$132
60 min, $132.00
The beginning of something, the seed, carries the most important ingredients that color the life of something throughout its entirety. Relationships are no different.  Let Annette help you pick the most fruitful date for the merger of two souls into the sacred union of marriage. Annette not only looks at the vibration of the day itself, but she does an energetic study of the two individuals separately, the music that is created by the union of these two energies, the overlap of personal periods created by merging the personal year of both into one calendar, and finally a look at universal periods as well as the moon cycle. This in-depth study will reveal the best days to get married for one particular couple, with an explanation as to what the differences are between the recommended choices. The study identifies the best dates for the couple for a span of up two years. A unique, beautiful and priceless gift for a newly engaged couple who has not yet set their date.


omega 041Kabbalistic Planetary Study…..$100
45 min, $100.00
Using the ancient wisdom of Universal Kabbalah passed down through the ages, and the practical application of the laws of the universe, this reading provides a guide to your energetic makeup, illuminating the positive forces you already have within you. This reading highlights, in practical terms, how your unique energetic vibration affects you in daily life, and what you can do to navigate towards your positive aspects. Choice of gemstones, foods, herbs and lifestyle most beneficial for attracting the positive energies unique to your makeup will be discussed. Discover amazing tips that will help you achieve a greater sense of awareness for your own self as well as your relationships with others. Your birthday, including the year you were born, is needed in advance of this consultation.



Naam Yoga Private Session……$120
75 mins
A personal session of breathwork, mantra, meditation, movement, stretching and kriyas are designed to tackle personal goals and intentions. Packages are available for sessions of five or more.

Shakti Naam Private Session……$120
75 mins
Focus on shifting energy by working with the meridian lines of the body. Powerful breath unites with energy centers of the body to induce change, break through energetic patterns and release blockages. A combination of traditional Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam can be done for any private session, as Annette customizes the session based on your individual needs.

Private Meditation Session……$120
60 mins
Learn how to meditate at your pace. This session will be taught starting at your level of comfort, whether you are a total novice or a yogi professional. Like any of the other private sessions, a private meditation session will include mudras (symbolic hand gestures), mantras (powerful words chanted throughout history in varying cultures around the world with the aim to connect to your Higher Self), sound vibration (the fastest and most powerful way to cut through any negativity, get to the heart of the matter and shift your energy) and breathwork (neutralizes the mind so you can operate from your higher plane of consciousness, not out of reaction, emotion or from an anxiety-driven state). This session includes explanation behind the energy that remains unseen in 90% of what we do.

Learn how to tap into an egregore of light that will hold you in the highest intention of your will and your purpose here on this Earth by meditating with the tools and applications taught to us through Naam Yoga.

Unlike most meditation practices, meditating with Naam Yoga is FUN!  Rather than sit for hours in silent meditation, students who practice Naam Yoga immediately feel the shift, and learn how to invite positive change into their lives on an ongoing and continual basis.


Vibration of a Name…… $39

A 15-minute phone consultation explaining the energy implicit in the name. Great consultation when trying to decide between various business names, baby names, or name changes of any kind. Includes analysis for up to 3 names, with recommendations for slight tweaks in letters or word choices to alter the energy in a more favorable way. Because each case is so unique, the information shared in the session is based on individual findings and additional name options may need to be requested.




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