Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy with Annette:

60 Minutes…………….$120
90 Minutes…………….$160
Facial Massage……….$130
Abhyanga Massage….$120


Massage therapy and bodywork has many known benefits, with the most common being overall stress reduction, increased circulation and decrease in blood pressure and adrenaline levels.

When our stress-induced cortisone-levels are high for prolonged periods of time, the body is stuck in a pattern of “fight or flight” which means the body tissues are not getting the rejuvenative resources they need to create a state of optimal health. Instead, the body sends all its energy and resources to fend off an illusionary attacker, rather than doing the all-important job of rebuilding and refining its own tissues. A necessary step in staying healthy is the ability to eliminate and get rid of the everyday substances that cause toxicity in the body.

When we experience chronic stress in our life, our body is pulled away from this rejuvenative function because it is tricked into believing it needs to fight to survive. This is when normal body functions start to shut down, and we begin to operate from a constant state of frenzy and hightened alert.

All of the remedies offered through my practice help you fight this unnatural state in your body, so you can return to your more normal calm state of being – Naam Yoga, Meditation, Shakti Naam, Ayurveda, Harmonyum, Massage Therapy and other types of Bodywork — all of these treatments awaken your parasympathetic nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve and your entire glandular system so that your “fight or flight” alert patterns in your body quiet down. This is absolutely necessary for achieving optimal health in today’s society.

When we live in a heightened state of alert, our health breaks down and our immune system is compromised, opening the door for illness and disease.  

Besides being an incredible stress-reducer, regular massage and bodywork maintain healthy body awareness so you can more readily recognize imbalances when they occur. It is our own individual responsibility to decide how to respond to the information our bodies give us and take a proactive stance in our own well-being before the imbalance turns into stagnation, low energy or any number of degenerative ailments and unknown diseases people are facing today.

Eventually, these imbalances lead to more serious illnesses if not properly addressed. As with any indication of malaise, consult with your health care practitioner at the earliest sign of a problem. Proactive ways to change your health for the better include a daily practice of yoga, eating a whole, varied diet that’s rich in large daily doses of fresh (organic and locally-grown) fruits and vegetables, exercise and stretch daily, create a regular practice of meditation or any other calming and centering activity. Keep your thoughts positive at all times. And remembering that your words have power. Use them to uplift and enrich. Not to tear down or make someone hurt.

Massage is beneficial for those who experience sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, eczema, nervousness, stiffness, soreness or tightness of any muscle in the body. Clients who have been recently injured or involved in an accident must seek clearance from their medical doctor or healthcare provider before starting a massage therapy regimen.

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

For those with dry skin or for loss of skin luster, an Abhyanga Massage is an excellent remedy because the body is dowsed with luxuriously silky oils from head to toe. Vata-pacifying massage blends are great for dry skin body constitutions.

For those who suffer from insomnia, Shirodhara works wonders. It is great for anyone who has been under a great deal of stress, anxiety or anger. It is also the treatment of choice for achieving deliciously luscious hair, as your whole head is drenched in the yummy nutrients of the Ayurvedic blended oil. It is recommended not to wash your hair for 6-12 hours after your treatment to get the full effect. Shirodhara can also be used for chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension, asthma and any kind of hair problem, like alopecia or dandruff.

An Exfoliating Salt Scrub, Udvartan Body Scrub not only exfoliates your skin leaving your body delightfully smooth, it also improves circulation, stimulates the immune system, rejuvenates body tissues and improves skin texture. Makes a great self-care treat when you need a little pick-me-up.

 A Steam Bath is a wonderful treatment at anytime, as it aids in removing mental, emotional and physical toxins deeply lodged within the tissues. It’s also a great add-on to any treatment as it opens up pores before applying massage oil, or enhances absorption of the nutrients after the oil has been applied. Topped with a scalp massage, this steam bath will help you feel completely relaxed.

The Natural Facelift Massage is a signature treatment! So rarely does anyone focus on massaging the muscles of the face. Energy points and meridians of the face, head and neck will be stimulated for optimal release and increased energy flow. Circulation to skin cells will be increased, enhancing cellular growth and nourishment. Tension you didn’t even know could be held in your face will be released and you may just tune out to a more conscious, blissful plane. When you come back to, you’ll feel refreshed, centered and much calmer than before. Choose the natural, healthy and graceful path to getting older.