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Private Sessions

Offering Private Consultations for the following:

Private Meditation and Personalized Exercises

Naam Yoga

Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Food, Herbs and Nutrition

Detoxification and Healthy Living

Universal Kabbalah (click here for more info on private readings)

Post Partum Care


Contact me to see what type of session will give you best results: 941-735-1975

I also offer a variety of bodywork therapy if you happen to catch me while I’m in town. Starting 2014, my schedule and locations will be announced in advance.


Private Yoga & Meditation
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Private Consultations
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Universal Kabbalah for Self-Healing
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List of Healing Services Offered:

Massage & Bodywork
Harmonyum Healing System…..$150
Massage – 60 Minutes……$120
Massage – 90 Minutes……$160
Abhyanga Massage – 75 Minutes…..$130
(Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage includes dry brushing and soothing Ayurvedic oils customized to each client’s unique body constitution)

Harmonyum Package of 7 Sessions…..$700 (Recommended 7 Harmonyum Sessions for Optimal Results)
Massage Package of 10 Sessions (60 Minutes)…..$850
Massage Package of 10 Sessions (90 Minutes)…..$1,200
Shirodhara Package of 4 Weekly Sessions…..$325

Holistic Lifestyle Consultation…….$150
Includes combination of Universal Kabbalah, Naam Yoga, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Herbs, Personal Meditation and your unique planetary makeup for a truly customized reading.

Abhyanga Massage……. $130
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations……$150
Ayurvedic Post Partum Care…….$150

Pancha Karma Detoxification Ritual
Five-Day Pancha Karma…..$2,000
7-Day Pancha Karma……$2,800
* Price above reflects the classic Pancha Karma protocol in Ayurveda (Breathwork, Abhyanga Massage, Marma Point Therapy, Shirodhara, Herbal Steam Bath and Nutrition Recommendations tailored to each client’s unique body constitution to achieve overall health goals). Additional services, medicated herbs and more advanced protocols may be added to the treatment regimen for additional costs. Each case is unique and therefore treatment protocol may vary from client to client.

Post Partum Care
Post-Partum Care, Private Consultation……$150
Infant Massage Instruction……$150
Post-Partum Menu Planning:
First Time…….$150
Every time thereafter……$75
Post-Partum Massage Home Visits….$100
Home Visits….$100 first hour, $45 each hour thereafter (May include any of the following: Post-Partum Massage, Cooking, Light Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Infant Massage, Nutrition Advice, Lactation Support, Essential Oil Remedies, and overall general support for Mom and Baby).

Naam Yoga & Meditation
Private Naam Yoga Session……$100
Shakti Naam Private Session……$120
Private Meditation Session……$120
Pre-Natal Yoga Session……….$100

Meditation Preparation – Initial Consult (20 Minutes)…..$60

Universal Kabbalah Readings
Kabbalistic Personal Year ……$85
Wedding Bliss – Let’s Pick A Date!…..$132
Kabbalistic Planetary Study…..$100
Vibration of a Name…… $39

A Massage Session With Annette

All of Annette’s massage sessions include a unique blend of techniques and massage styles to make you feel relaxed and grounded, as you emerge from each session as a new and improved version of “you”. Annette has been trained in practically all massage modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Marma Point Therapy, Meridian Massage, Ayurvedic Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Facial Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Pre-Natal Massage and Post-Partum Massage.

She works with all populations, including children, the elderly and pregnant women both before and after birth.

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Meditation for Others

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Meditation for Others

    Learn to meditate joyfully with this beautiful ancient prayer, wishing everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous. The language of this mantra is Gurmukhi. In Naam Yoga, we work with sacred words and invocations that have been used throughout the ages to invite light and healing into our lives, regardless of language, culture, religion or country of origin. “Om Sarve” is a great meditation to do for the well-being of others, and will infuse your own surroundings with blessings and light.  For an 11-Mintue Meditation...

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Harmonyum, $150 First session includes complimentary 30-minute breath-work and meditation session for your personal practice at home. A transcendental healing system that is not of this world. Brought to us by the luminous beings, it is a healing system that was divinely channeled through Dr. Levry, and is said to be the healing system given to us for these times. It is beyond anyone’s personal belief system. Harmonyum allows you to see the destructive patterns in yourself so you can step out of your comfort zone and into a new way of...

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Kabbalistic Consultations

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Kabbalistic Consultations

Universal Kabbalah for Self-Healing Kabbalistic Planetary Healing $100.00 USDPersonal Year $85.00 USDWedding Bliss – Picking a Date $132.00 USDVibration of a Name $39.00 USD Enter Your Birth Date: Private Yoga & Meditation Private Meditation Session $120.00 USDNaam Yoga $100.00 USDShakti Naam $120.00 USDPre-Natal Yoga $100.00 USDMeditation Preparation Initial Consult – 20 Minutes $60.00 USD Enter Your Birth Date:   Kabbalistic Personal Year ……$85 50 min, $85.00 Using the ancient wisdom of Universal Kabbalah...

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