Why Naam Yogis Meditate

Meditation is one way to clear the mind from negativity and invite positive habits into your life. It is also a great tool for manifestation, especially when used simultaneously with visualization, mudras and the powerful invocation of mantras.

As Naam Yogis, meditation is central to our practice.

With Naam we invite the light of consciousness into our lives by vibrating with the energy of sacred words and sounds that have been formed and created in the highest frequency possible at that time. This is why I like to meditate to the CD’s created by Dr. Levry. His music uses the highest vibrations possible on this earth, and the songs were generated under the best possible conditions. So when we meditate, listen and chant with his music, we are inviting that light of the best possible conditions, possibilities and opportunities into our lives.

The power of this practice, however seemingly simple, should not be under-estimated.




Private Meditation Session……$120 (60 mins)

Learn how to meditate at your pace. This session will start at your comfort level, whether you are a total novice or a yogi professional. Like any of the other private sessions, a private meditation session will include:

  • Mudras (symbolic hand gestures)
  • Mantras (powerful words chanted throughout history in varying cultures around the world with the aim to connect to your Higher Self)
  • Sound vibration (the fastest and most powerful way to cut through any negativity, get to the heart of the matter and shift your energy)
  • Breathwork (neutralizes the mind so you can operate from your higher plane of consciousness, not out of reaction, emotion or from an anxiety-driven state). Includes explanation behind the energy that remains unseen in 90% of what we do.












Shakti Naam Private Session……$120 (75 mins)

Focus on shifting energy by working with the meridian lines of the body. Powerful breath unites with energy centers of the body to induce change, break through energetic patterns and release blockages. A combination of traditional Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam can be done for any session, as Annette customizes the session based on your individual needs.






Naam Yoga Private Session……$120 (75 mins)

A personal session of breathwork, mantra, meditation, movement, stretching and kriyas are designed to tackle personal goals and intentions. Packages are available for sessions of five or more.


Learn how to tap into an egregore of light that will hold you in the highest intention of your will and your purpose here on this Earth by meditating with the tools and applications taught to us through Naam Yoga.

Unlike most meditation practices, meditating with Naam Yoga is FUN!  Rather than sit for hours in silent meditation, students who practice Naam Yoga immediately feel the shift, and learn how to invite positive change into their lives on an ongoing and continual basis.

Baba Varsa Singh Ji

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Baba Varsa Singh Ji

Lineage of Naam Baba Ji and His Work Baba Virsa Singh Ji is a holy person of Biblical proportions whose powerful spirituality was first recognized when he was a child. His family lived in a mud-brick village in Punjab, Sarawan Bodla, and he helped on the farm until one day he experienced great anguish over cutting the stalk of a forage crop and seeing the sap pour out. He felt that he had committed a great sin and prayed that he would be released from that duty. At once, sores appeared on the soles of his feet, so painful that he could not...

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Meditation for Others

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Meditation for Others

    Learn to meditate joyfully with this beautiful ancient prayer, wishing everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous. The language of this mantra is Gurmukhi. In Naam Yoga, we work with sacred words and invocations that have been used throughout the ages to invite light and healing into our lives, regardless of language, culture, religion or country of origin. “Om Sarve” is a great meditation to do for the well-being of others, and will infuse your own surroundings with blessings and light.  For an 11-Mintue Meditation...

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Harmonyum, $150 First session includes complimentary 30-minute breath-work and meditation session for your personal practice at home. A transcendental healing system that is not of this world. Brought to us by the luminous beings, it is a healing system that was divinely channeled through Dr. Levry, and is said to be the healing system given to us for these times. It is beyond anyone’s personal belief system. Harmonyum allows you to see the destructive patterns in yourself so you can step out of your comfort zone and into a new way of...

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