Post-Partum Care

In my Private Consultations, you will learn:

Applying Natural Ayurvedic Principles to the Aggravated Post-Partum Body — Use natural principles to soothe and alleviate the conditions caused by an overly-imbalanced Vata body.
Proper Expectations — What to expect before you get there so you can feel more confident and supported along the way.
Menu Planning — Choose the right foods for your health, immune system, organ rejuvenation, lactation, better sleep, digestive issues (such as gas, constipation or diarrhea), digestive issues in baby (colic, acid reflux, allergies) and how to generate an overall state of peace and calm by choosing the foods that are nourishing and satisfying to you at this time. Learn to stay away from the foods that will over-aggravate an already compromised body state.
Lactation Support — How to increase milk supply, and learn about basic energetic patterns that form as you bond with your baby.
Oiling your Body — Why this is so important during the post-partum period.
Support From Loved Ones — Developing your support system now, so you have a plan for those first 40 days.
Subsequent Sessions —  Can be used for Infant Massage Instruction, to cook warm nourishing meals, for a variety of recipes and food preparation tips, to provide additional layers of understanding and enhance the overall experience, to provide guided meditation to feel more grounded during this time, to provide breath-work and meditation to induce calm and relaxation, to administer facial and scalp massage to induce better sleep, to layer on additional knowledge of Ayurvedic, Kabbalistic and other holistic principles taught in the first session, to answer specific questions, and to monitor progress.
Post-Partum Private Consultation, $250
Preparing for this special period in your life is one of the most important things you can do as a new mom. Find out what foods are aggravating to your system right after you give birth, and which ones will support your body’s natural healing mechanisms and nourish your bodily tissues. Help prevent Post-Partum depression, increase milk production and find out how to best care for yourself during this sacred 40-day window.

Post-Partum Massage, $130 — Offered to existing Post-Partum clients for the special price of $100 per session. Regular price starts at $130 (and goes up depending on location).
This is an “at-home” service, as new moms should not be leaving their homes during the first 40 days after birth.
Warmth, proper nutrition, quietude and soothing, rhythmic massage go a long way. The body’s rejuvenative process is supported as tissues and organs are transitioning back to their original state. Take advantage of this delicate opportunity to nurture yourself. 






From Conception, through Pregnancy, and up to the first 40 Days After Birth…

Designed by Jodi and Annette, this one-of-a-kind Peri-Natal Program encompasses the entire path from pre-conception through the months following the birth of your child.

In this program you will learn how to prepare yourself before receiving a beautiful soul, and discover tips to guide you through pregnancy and the first 40 days beyond birth.

You will learn:

  • How to prevent colic in baby
  • Natural ways to increase your milk supply
  • How to reduce gas and digestive issues, in both baby and mommy
  • Know what to expect so you can adopt a healthy attitude and prevent post-partum depression
  • How to make time for you, so you can spend quality time with your baby
  • How to reduce the Vata-aggravation all women experience immediately following birth
  • Learn what you should eat during the first few days after birth – so your digestion will work properly, your tissues get properly nourished and your reproductive organs are provided the best space for healing.
  • Rejuvenate your organs and body following birth.
  • Learn impactful ways of bonding with your baby.
  • Learn how to give your baby a massage
  • Meridian therapy – learn how to stimulate the meridians in your baby’s body, so the energy flows uninhibited — this can prevent constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, colic, skin rashes, sleeplessness, and many other issues first-time moms experience with their newborns.

The first 40 days after birth is considered a sacred post-partum window. This can be one of the most spiritual times for a woman. Knowing what to do during this specific time in your life can affect you for years to come. This program provides guidance on the best post-partum foods and recipes to lessen the conditions of an aggravated body after loss of fluids, hormonal changes and many other physical adjustments your body has made in order to bring another being into this world.

This is a beautiful program that ties together the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Universal Kabbalah and age-old yogic practices of the East into one comprehensive package providing you with supreme guidance for bringing your baby into this world. You will be given the conditions that allow for the highest manifestation of your baby’s soul. This program will grant a higher view on your role during the subtle incarnation of your baby, and it will provide a blessed doorway for your journey into motherhood.

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