40 Days for 40 Years
According to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, a new mother should be cherished, adored and massaged for 40 days following childbirth in order to prevent life-long disorders and imbalances that can result from a taxing childbirth and recovery experience.
Create the Perfect Womb Environment
Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga works on the entire body to unblock stagnancy and create a balanced flow of energy. I specialize in breath-work exercises that incorporate ancient yogic tools with light and visualization movements and meditations to prepare the body as the sacred vessel for receiving a beautiful soul. Book a FREE CALL here

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Prenatal Yoga






Our Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to nurture the soul developing withing the womb and honor the Divine connection between mother and child.

In this program you will develop a special relationship with the soul developing inside of you and discover spiritual tools to guide you through pregnancy and the first 40 days beyond birth.

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Postpartum Care





At no other time is rejuvenation so important than in the days, weeks and months following childbirth. Relax New Mama! You just did an incredible job! Sit back and bask in your glory of a job well done. The job isn’t over, as you know. Your little one depends on you, so keep your spirits high and your body nurtured by investing in much-needed rest and restoration practices. These can be done at home or at the Spa!

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