Happy Birthday Universe!

_BT10158Powerful days are upon us!

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox (Thursday, March 20th), and with it comes the advent of new life, new beginnings and fresh new starts. What are you ready to start?

The next few days mark the beginning of a new period – the universe celebrates its birthday! This is due to the Sun moving into Aries, starting a whole new yearly cycle.

Is there a project or a launch you’ve been waiting to embark upon? This could be a favorable period.

And… if you’re lucky enough to live near Los Angeles or New York City, you should not miss these events:

March 20th, 7:30pm – Los Angeles

March 23rd, 5:30pm – New York City


The Universe is Mathematical

As Universal Kabbalists, we look at many factors when considering the right time for embarking upon certain projects and initiatives, based on a practical science of the natural cycles in life. This is the study of patterns that exist everywhere and can be found in the vibration of music, numbers, rhythm and the automatic ebb and flow that is constantly happening. These patterns and cycles are orchestrated by a force far superior to us sitting here on earth. In addition to the period of the universe, we must also look at the period you are in personally — where on the calendar a particular event or day falls in relation to your own day of birth. This, along with various factors, aids us in determining the best timing for various initiatives in one’s life by selecting the time when the most positive forces are present on the “birthday” or start of a particular initiative.

Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday, Happy Friday and Happy Weekend Everyone!

May you have a glorious day. Let’s join the world in harmony as we bring on a whole new cycle.

During this time may you be blessed with new beginning and fresh new energy.




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