Harmonyum, $150

First session includes complimentary 30-minute breath-work and meditation session for your personal practice at home.

A transcendental healing system that is not of this world. Brought to us by the luminous beings, it is a healing system that was divinely channeled through Dr. Levry, and is said to be the healing system given to us for these times.

It is beyond anyone’s personal belief system. Harmonyum allows you to see the destructive patterns in yourself so you can step out of your comfort zone and into a new way of being. Harmonyum helps your brain form new pathways, creating healthier patterns in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You become more attracted to people, situations and surroundings that are of a higher vibration. You learn to see the difference between high frequency and low frequency situations, people and circumstances. You attract more blessings and positivity into your life because of the shifts that take place inside of you.

Harmonyum is good at any age, and any stage of life.

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