My Apothecary

omega 041My little collection of healing herbs and essential oils is my tiny garden of pride and joy. As I grow in my practice, I will be adding herbs, oils and elixirs to my little white shelves. The blends I create are recipes that have been selected from Ayurveda’s bountiful wisdom.

Healing Herbs
The herbs I carry are the best I have encountered through my Ayurvedic training and background. The herbs in my Apothecary are from highly respected sources in the US, most of which come from organically-grown, high-quality herbal gardens.

Oil Blends
The essential oils I use in my practice vary based on many things. Providers I use include Young Living, Yoga Flow and Lotus Touch, among many others. For aroma-therapeutic needs, many oils on the market work marvelously. When developing an oil blend that will be used on the skin and for specific therapeutic results, however, I use the highest caliber oils available. Any oil, lotion or cream placed on the skin gets absorbed by the system and goes directly into the bloodstream. This is why it’s important to use natural products as much as possible, and to reduce the amount of chemicals and man-made ingredients in our lotions and body care products.


For now, the therapeutic blends I provide are:

  • Insomnia Herbal Tea
  • Don’t Cramp My Style Herbal Tea (for Menstrual Cramps)
  • Pre-Natal Massage Oil (for Stretch Marks)
  • Labor Massage Oil
  • Post-Partum Massage Oil
  • Lustrous Locks Oil (for Beautiful Hair)
  • Facial/Skin Care Blends

Description of Herbal Blend:

For fuller therapeutic effects, ask me about these treatment protocols:

Menstrual Malaise – $50
Sip on an all-natural warm Ayurvedic herbal tea, and relax while a hot herbal compress is placed on your abdomen and pelvic region. Includes a gentle massage of abdomen region and a 15-minute massage of the feet and legs to stimulate reflexology points and alleviate discomfort. With warmth, proper use of herbs and a little TLC you will feel better in no time. Herbal Tea is not recommended for anyone already on medication. A gentle version of the tea can be used with milder herbs. Please disclose any medication you are taking to your practitioner before taking the tea. My herbal blend can also be purchased for use at home during your next menstrual cycle.

Rock Me to Sleep – $100
Includes Insomnia Tea and your choice of Shirodhara or an extremely soothing massage that will rock you to sleep while also stimulating the energy points on your face and head that promote sleep and relaxation in your body. Left Nostril Breathing can be employed at the beginning of the treatment to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and put your mind to rest. My Insomnia Tea Blend is available for purchase for use at home as well.

Rock Me to Sleep, Harmonyum Option – $154
Same protocol as above, Insomnia Tea and Left-nostril breathing before the treatment, followed by a profoundly relaxing Harmonyum session that will have your mind at rest in no time at all.

Lustrous Locks Treatment – $150
Scalp massage followed by Shirodhara with a specially blended Ayurvedic oil treatment to promote hair growth and achieve beautifully smooth and shiny hair. It’s recommended to keep oil in your hair for 6 hours or longer if possible to gain the most therapeutic effects. Have this session once a month and your hair will love you for it!