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Naam Yoga contains pure yogic practices that have been used since the beginning of time to purify and cleanse the physical and spiritual bodies. Naam Yoga is not only a practical tool for the brain. It is yoga for the soul.

Naam Yoga connects your mind to your heart’s desire so you can find what you love to do on this earth, and ultimately love what you do. It connects you with the cosmos, and is a powerful manifestator of shakti on the physical plane.

Naam Yoga works on your three bodies – the physical, divine and astral bodies, so that your feelings, your mind and your physical body become aligned. Your thoughts, your heart and your nervous system begin to beat to the rhythm of your soul. And dis-ease in your body gets returned to a normal state of being and balance.

Your mind becomes neutral and strives for the path of the Sun – the highest path achievable on the physical plane. Through Naam Yoga you stay connected to the inner reachings of your soul, so that your life is lived from a higher vibration. Your job and career are a constant source of joy and fulfillment. And your life becomes devoted to serving. When you see the divine intricacies woven into every living thing, you start to see the divine in everything you do, and your life becomes a joyful dance.

You recognize that your greatest gifts, opportunities and sources of happiness are born from your greatest challenges. It can take more than a lifetime to come to this realization, or sometimes, all it takes is one meditation. Each of us are on a unique path. We invite you to tap into your inner source of wisdom, the guru inside, and clear the obstacles both inside and outside, to build the path that will allow your inner soul to sing.

_BT10046There is no time-frame for the soul’s work. Each person will evolve according to their own pace, their own divine time and their own comfort level associated with finding your true purpose and the time necessary to align your life here on this Earth with the desires of your Higher Self and the cosmos.

Every thought, action, intention and fruit of labor invested in finding your soul’s voice and aligning with the greater purpose of the cosmos, is carried over from one lifetime to the next. Nothing is ever lost. Everything is recorded. What is learned in this life, is carried over to the next. There is no hurry. Everything happens in divine timing, exactly as it should, for the manifestation of your greatest glory and the glory of all.

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Meditation for Others

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Meditation for Others

    Learn to meditate joyfully with this beautiful ancient prayer, wishing everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous. The language of this mantra is Gurmukhi. In Naam Yoga, we work with sacred words and invocations that have been used throughout the ages to invite light and healing into our lives, regardless of language, culture, religion or country of origin. “Om Sarve” is a great meditation to do for the well-being of others, and will infuse your own surroundings with blessings and light. ¬†For an 11-Mintue Meditation Video, CLICK HERE! “OM SARVE” VIDEO Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Sarve Santu Nirvaa Maya Sarve Bhadraani Pash Vantu Ma Kaschid Dukh Bhag Bhavet Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om Shanti Shanti...

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Harmonyum, $150 First session includes complimentary 30-minute breath-work and meditation session for your personal practice at home. A transcendental healing system that is not of this world. Brought to us by the luminous beings, it is a healing system that was divinely channeled through Dr. Levry, and is said to be the healing system given to us for these times. It is beyond anyone’s personal belief system. Harmonyum allows you to see the destructive patterns in yourself so you can step out of your comfort zone and into a new way of being. Harmonyum helps your brain form new pathways, creating healthier patterns in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You become more attracted to people, situations and surroundings that are of a higher vibration. You learn to see the difference between high frequency and low frequency situations, people and circumstances. You attract more blessings and positivity into your life because of the shifts that take place inside of you. Harmonyum is good at any age, and any stage of...

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