Harmonyum is a transcendental healing system that directs the unseen forces of sunlight fluid for deep healing and lasting change. Channeled through Dr. Levry, Harmonyum comes to us from the Divine plane. Practitioners who are able to administer Harmonyum have received the transmission directly from Dr. Levry.

The most unique quality of Harmonyum is it’s ability to work on our emotional body of pain, and the ability to remove karmic influences that we have inherited through our past lives, our genetic lineage and our experiences during this lifetime.

It is unlike any other type of energy work in existence today.

Harmonyum is a series of subtle movements along the spine that soothes, relaxes and gently calms the nervous system. It erases energetic blockages written in the spinal cord and works over time to remove destructive patterns buried deep in the subconscious brain. It supports the unique evolution of the soul receiving the treatment, and benefits are carried from one life to the next.

There is no age limit to receive Harmonyum, and it is relevant for any stage in life. Pregnant, bedridden or wheelchair-bound recipients can receive Harmonyum II, designed for those who cannot lie on their stomachs.

For best results, Harmonyum should be administered in a series of  7 treatments.

$150 per 1-hour session  (first-time clients receive a complimentary breathwork and meditation session with their treatment)


Harmonyum Healing