1. IMG_6439Affects change at the cellular level. Goes to the root of the issue to work on the source.
  2. Raises Consciousness. By infusing yourself with so much light, you change your vibration and your frequency so you can attract more of the positive influences in life.
  3. Improves your decision-making abilities. Allows you to make decisions that are aligned with your personal mission and purpose in life.
  4. Makes you braver to face your own weaknesses. Allows you to see your obstacles with kindness so you can change them.
  5. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing overall stress.
  6. Greater Self Awareness. Makes you more aware of your own patterns so you can let go of negative tendencies and influences.
  7. Fosters courage and creates greater capacity for greatness.
  8. Infuses the recipient with Divine Love.
  9. Can create permanent shifts for the individual who is ready for change.
  10. Greater Overall Health. Gives a healing boost to the glandular, nervous and immune systems of the body.
  11. Less Stress. Gives you a greater sense of relaxation and happiness.