Pain Body

IMG_6376The Body of Pain is what holds all of our negative fears, emotions, pent up anxiety and self-sabotaging behaviors.

The Body of Pain is tricky. It doesn’t like change. It likes to keep you there. Feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling like you are alone, like no one cares about you.

When your Body of Pain is in control, you act from defensiveness, from protecting your assets, your pride, your ego, your feelings.

When your Body of Pain is activated you cannot see the bigger picture and you start to become consumed in the details of negative situations, wondering why this person “did this to you” or why the world is so unfair.

Attaching to your Body of Pain is like attaching yourself to anything that sabotages you.

You start to identify so much with these “stories”, re-living drama after drama, with different people, different places, different situations. Life continues to prove what you had suspected all along. You don’t know who you are without the drama. The story becomes you, and you become the story.

The Body of Pain is tricky. It feeds off your need for comfort, your tendency to flow towards that which is familiar, your continual need for identification. It knows that stepping outside of the “story” and living “drama-free” actually becomes so uncomfortable for you, that you will unconsciously grip to the story which continues to play over and over in different situations, unless you consciously put a stop to it.  And that takes a lot of work, and a lot of self awareness.

The Body of Pain can become so much a part of who you are, that the story is found and made “truth” in every aspect of your life. Each day becomes a reinforcement of the injustice and unfairness of life, that you are a victim of one circumstance or another. If only this person could see this, or if only that person could change that. If only this company wasn’t so greedy. The saga continues until you die, or you wake up.

Everyone has a “Body of Pain”. You can either learn to control it, or it controls you. It can affect your relationships, your outcomes and your entire life.

me_and_the_windHarmonyum helps to unravel the dramas that have been trapped inside of us, through the many, many experiences of life, through the many trials we’ve had to go through in the past, accumulating pain experience after pain experience.

Pain and suffering is a learning device. We must learn what we need for our evolution, so that we can walk through the fire and come out on the other side more polished, cleaner and brighter than before.

When we get stuck in our Body of Pain, we are unable to see clearly. Our judgment becomes clouded, and our Higher Self becomes the servant to our insecurities, rather than the Commander of our destiny. When our Body of Pain is in charge, our true selves cannot triumph.

When we do this work, however, we are telling the Body of Pain to be quiet. We acknowledge that something far greater is in charge. We free ourselves from the grips of delusion, our ego and “playing small”.

Harmonyum diffuses the Body of Pain, shedding more light into your consciousness, so you can gently let go of self-limiting behaviors, destructive patterns and negative emotions.

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