Mudras are the language of the angels. Because the universe is mathematic and understands symbols, the use of mudras is one way to communicate with the unseen world. Knowing the sacred use of your own hands, which are an extension of the heart, is a good way to ask the universe for what you want. Mudras send a clear message of our intention to the universe so that unseen forces can set in action the plea we have requested.






Works on the Divine plane.

Protects the electromagnetic field from any negativity.

A powerful mudra to use when chanting Triple Mantra for protection.








Place your head at the service of your heart.

Taps into your soul’s desire.

For manifesting wishes.




Fertility Mudra 

Fertility Mudra is taught during our Peri-Natal Program, which encompasses the entire path from pre-conception through the months following the birth of your child.

In this program you learn how to prepare yourself before receiving a beautiful soul, with spiritual tips to guide you through pregnancy and the first 40 days beyond birth.

The first 40 days after birth is considered a sacred post-partum window. This can be one of the most spiritual times for a woman. Knowing what to do during this specific time in your life can affect you for years to come. This program provides guidance on the best post-partum foods and recipes to lessen the conditions of an aggravated body after loss of fluids, hormonal changes and many other physical adjustments your body has made in order to bring another being into this world.

This is a beautiful program that ties together the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Universal Kabbalah and age-old yogic practices of the East into one comprehensive package providing you with supreme guidance for bringing your baby into this world under the conditions that will allow for the highest manifestation of your baby’s soul. This program will grant a higher view on your role during the incarnation of your baby, and provides a blessed doorway into the journey of motherhood.

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Meditation for Others

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Meditation for Others

    Learn to meditate joyfully with this beautiful ancient prayer, wishing everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous. The language of this mantra is Gurmukhi. In Naam Yoga, we work with sacred words and invocations that have been used throughout the ages to invite light and healing into our lives, regardless of language, culture, religion or country of origin. “Om Sarve” is a great meditation to do for the well-being of others, and will infuse your own surroundings with blessings and light. ¬†For an 11-Mintue Meditation Video, CLICK HERE! “OM SARVE” VIDEO Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Sarve Santu Nirvaa Maya Sarve Bhadraani Pash Vantu Ma Kaschid Dukh Bhag Bhavet Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om Shanti Shanti...

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