Postpartum Menu Planning

Yes, I want to learn how to reduce the aggravated symptoms in my body right after birth by eating the most rejuvenative post partem foods according to ancient healing traditions. I can’t wait to stock up my fridge with the food I’ll need, BEFORE my baby arrives!

Give it to me now for only $250 for a single session (package of 3 sessions also available for only $450)

  • Learn an entirely new approach to eating for the post partum diet that’s based on the energy behind certain foods
  • Understand the key energetic imbalances all woman face directly after giving birth and how your diet can help bring your recovering body back into balance by adopting some key principles during the first 40 days after birth.
  • Learn why oil is such an important part of the post partum diet
  • Increase Lactation
  • Avoid Constipation
  • Avoid Colic in Baby
  • Avoid Skin Irritations in Baby
  • Prevent Mood Disorders