Pampering Spa Packages

16Treat that New Mama to a Magical Day of Pampering!

Baby is Welcomed, and it’s recommended baby stays at home with Mama for as long as possible during first 8 weeks postpartum!


Postnatal Rejuvenating Spa Package, $525

Rejuvenation Package, $525

– Lotus Foot Bath for her tired feet — reinvigorate her tired feet and work on all organs and functions of the body through a detailed foot massage that will stimulate the meridians of her body and help her regain total balance after the taxing job of childbirth is finally over. Includes rose and geranium foot bath, head and scalp massage, an invigorating foot scrub and a foot massage with nourishing foot oil.

– Cleopatra Rejuvenating Body Scrub & Body Silk Treatment — make her feel like a queen with a full-body exfoliation that stimulates new skin growth complete with a hydrating and nourishing body silk treatment (light massage).

– Postpartum Full Body Massage — it is recommended to get at least one massage weekly during the first 6 weeks post partem

– Shankara 5 Point Star — turn your body into a star as the five extremities (hands, feet, head) are nourished from top to bottom. Includes a Manjhista Foot Mask, a delicious microcrystal hand and arm exfoliation and a Shirodhara for final rest and relaxation to integrate all services.

– Happiness Meditation — personalized breathwork, meditation and sounding exercises to regain her center, balance her emotions, and generate a sense of overall well-being and joy.

– Infant Massage Instruction –teach mama and papa ways to bond with baby, enhancing baby’s well-being while creating a soothing after-bath ritual for the new family.

Prices are for in-home services, and prices indicated below are for a-la-carte services. Travel fee will be added for homes greater than 20 miles away. Discounted pricing is available for packages of 2 or more services.

Relaxation Package #1  for $185

Lotus Foot Bath, Scalp Massage with Ayurvedic Hair & Scalp Oil and Postpartum Massage

Luxurious Skin Package #2 for $250

Cleopatra Body Scrub & Body Silk and Postpartum Massage

Shankara 5 Point Star Package #3 for $330

Postpartum Massage  and Shankara 5 Point Star Treatment with Shirodhara

The Crown Jewel, Package #4 for $390

Lotus Foot Bath & Scalp Massage, Cleopatra Body Scrub & Body Silk, Postpartum Massage and Shankara 5 Point Star Treatment with Shirodhara

A La Carte Menu of Services:

Includes therapist administering service in the comfort of your home:

– Lotus Foot Bath for her tired feet & Scalp Massage ($150)

– Cleopatra Rejuvenating Body Scrub & Body Silk Treatment ($185)

– Custom Postpartum Full-Body Massage ($150)

– Happiness Meditation ($100)

– Infant Massage Instruction ($125)

– Shankara Five Point Star Treatment ($230)

Discounted Pricing Available when 2 or more services are booked on the same visit.