Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding gifts an expecting woman can do for herself.

Annette provides the sacred space to allow the expecting mama to feel safe, protected and open to receiving such a wonderful gift of peace and relaxation.

Prenatal massage can reduce the stress in the woman’s body thus helping her cope with the emotional and physical changes that are taking place at a rapid pace within her body.

Prenatal massage can also alleviate typical pregnancy discomfort, such as low back tension and help to create more space in her upper torso during the later stages of pregnancy by lengthening her side body and reducing muscle tension in and around her entire side torso. Very specific work and greater access to these muscles can be achieved through the side-lying position. Pillows are used for support and this can be one of the most comfortable positions for receiving massage.

In studies conducted on pregnant women who received regular prenatal massage, their babies were reported to have less complications at birth, higher birth rate than those who did not receive massage, and also experienced shortened labor time (approximately 3 hours shorter than their counterparts who did not receive massage throughout their pregnancy).