Prenatal Yoga






Our Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to nurture the soul developing withing the womb and honor the Divine connection between mother and child.

In this program you will develop a special relationship with the soul developing inside of you and discover spiritual tools to guide you through pregnancy and the first 40 days beyond birth.

This class series includes:

  • How to Bond with the baby developing in the womb
  • How to spiritualize your entire pregnancy
  • 7 Spiritual Karmic Influences (includes specific techniques for reducing the karma your baby inherits)
  • Meditations for the Pregnant Woman
  • How to cut out negative energy and create an invisible shield around you and your baby
  • Visualization Exercises for a Sacred Birth
  • Top Foods for Optimal Postpartum Rejuvenation

What else can you expect:

  • Visualization and Meditation
  • Exercises to raise your vibratory frequency
  • Movement and fluid motions that are designed to help you align with universal energy and create more flow in your life.
  • You will learn mudras (hand postures)
  • We will strengthen the legs and lengthen our side bodies to allow more space for our growing baby in the later stages of pregnancy.

Class is $29 and meets Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm.