Stay Away from “Astral Larvae”

9476352578_ecac995daf_cWow – every time I read Dr. Levry’s messages, new pathways of understanding and perception open up in my limited being.

I was just re-reading this excerpt from his March 2009 newsletter (it never gets old), and I love the reference he makes to “astral larvae”.

No matter how spiritual you think you are, to stay humble, to not get egotistical about what you know, about what you have experienced, whatever mastery you “think” you have, this is the lesson because at the end we are all the same.

We are all capable of the same understanding, the same enlightenment. We are all rays of the sun. We are all capable of living from the same truth. No matter how many books you have read or how many hours you meditate or pray, if you are not kind to others, if you do not have acceptance in your heart, if you do not light up the lives of others, what good is any of it?

As Dr. Levry says, meditate on the Sun, which emanates the highest qualities of God, so that we may become more like those qualities. This is better than following any human being.


“Keep in mind that no man is better than another. In the world of spirituality you will encounter tragic-comical messiahs, saints, prophets, charlatans, and self proclaimed psychics who run about holding the infernal torches of fantastic ideas and bitter fanaticism. They have lost sight of the fact that the crown, the honor, of spirituality is bestowed by the invisible world. It can never be conquered, bought, or manipulated.

There are many people engaged in spirituality who are full of spiritual ego. Having read and/or listened to the scriptures many times over, these individuals have turned themselves into spiritual egomaniacs. Those who walk the spiritual path with ego and unhealthy pride as their companions eventually walk with misery as well, for their dedication and devotion is built on their own shoulders. They demonstrate their power as a way of demonstrating that they are superior to others. In reality, however, they are merely half-cooked semi-Gods; spiritual junkies who know a lot of junk but have missed the point entirely.

Simply put, they may have acquired intellectual and spiritual stuff, but they are deficient human beings because they are not grateful, heart-centered, and kind. Their main purpose lies in showing you that they are superior and in establishing their domain over other people and creatures of God. Such spiritual leaders are quite dangerous, for they eventually become animals that deliver fatal bites while calling themselves spiritual teachers. They may be free, or living in the care of well-guarded asylums, but they are all in constant communion with astral larvae.”

Stay away from the burning desires of the ego – which serves to attach to a spiritual identity, a feeling of “I am better”, my path is better, my religion or my teacher or my way is better, other people don’t know what they are talking about. It is the ego who says to you about others, “Poor them, they “think” they know.” But who is actually doing the “thinking” now?

Strive to live your life from an open heart, so that no ego can live there. All roads lead to one. Embrace the divinity in each other. Embrace the divinity in all things, in every teaching, every sacred act. Make your life a sacred act. Give new meaning to your life with your partner, your child, your friends, your job. Find the significance in the insignificant. Become a soul that dances with divinity. We each have this power.

Thank you Dr. Levry for your constant source of wisdom, and much love and gratitude to the entire Rootlight team, the international Naam Yoga community, who I learn from daily, and to those who might be reading this.

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