“For those who suffer from chronic lower back/hip pain being treated with massage therapy for short term relief only to have the pain return…please read!” — Ray

May 28, 2013

“My story,

For the last few years I have had at least a 100 different therapists from what I thought were excellent, massage/injury therapists to super world class chiropractors which all gave me temporary relief from my back and hip pain causing a decline in my quality of life.

Needless to say I started getting discouraged as pain killers were not something I wanted as a daily diet. As my mobility decreased even to the point recently of just turning in bed gave like a local sharp pain in my side my remedy was always my massage team which each gave me some short term relief though it faded by next morning..and its had been getting worse as time passed..

So here I am almost 100% fixed in one week! I am so pleased today to write this testimonial about what Annette Figueredo has done for me. I was starting to think i needed a hip replacement before I met Annette by a chance encounter when two of my massage therapists were not available…

Boy was I lucky that happened!! Here after just a few sessions I can say without a doubt she is the BEST therapist on the planet!! I say this not as a sale of her abilities but as a person who was near the end of his rope wondering if this nagging pain would ever go away as it had taking its toll on my psyche.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if your anyway like me who has spent plenty without any long term improvement do yourself a big favor and give Annette a try.. I am not one to write things like this, though today I can Live again knowing my pain is almost 90%+ gone in just a few sessions and mobility is way better!

More importantly I no longer have pain when I rollover in bed, I get out of it much easier without that ginger oh don’t move fast sharp pain fear. Just this is worth 10,000$!! Thank you Annette for your kindness and care from your wonderful gift of healing that works, and should be shared.”

– Ray from Florida

“Being touched by Annette is like being touched by an Angel.  She has the hands of an Angel.” – Yolanda del Valle (Miami, FL)

“After 8 months I get rid of my neck pain!!!

During my life I went through many massage, kinesiologists and also osteopathy treatments but this was really effective.

I live in Argentina and was invited by my daughter and family to celebrate my 71st birthday with them. This NMT treatment was the spectacular present. Many thanks Annette, I will see you again before I leave USA.”

– Maca Gonzalez Morena, Ocean Club Guest (Key Biscayne, Fl)

April 26, 2011


“That is the best massage I have EVER EVER EVER had! I come from Italy and get alot of massages and have never had a massage like that one. I was very disappointed when Annette had to cancel the following appointment because she got sick. I will return to her again and again every time I come to Miami.”

– Mirella from Italy

“We’ve waited a long time to have the right person in here. Annette’s energy is a perfect match for our studio.

This is not a massage to get the “kinks” out – she really understands whole body balance and energetics of bodywork.

Her touch has such a beautiful consciousness, everyone notices it and my clients walk out of her treatments feeling like they are in heaven, truly blessed.”

Owner of Miami Yoga Studio

“My boyfriend and I both say a massage with Annette is the best massage ever.

Annette was also so good with my grandmother before she passed. I am so lucky to have given my grandmother the gift of Annette’s touch before passing.

Thank you Annette for a priceless experience.”

Ashlee (Sarasota, Fl)

“I will only see Annette for my treatments she is unparalleled the best massage therapist at the spa.

You can tell she meditates, the quality of her touch, her silent pauses, this is not ordinary massage. I am in another world when I receive a treatment from Annette

Mr. F (Key Biscayne, Fl)

“Just blissful, TRULY! I finally found someone who understands energy just as much as she understands the physical body.”

Martha (Miami, Fl)


Tanya E. (Miami, Fl)

“Just knowing I’m getting a session from Annette, just that thought, puts me immediately at ease and it’s almost like the stress goes away as soon as I get on her table. She has that kind of effect on people.”

Ali (Clearwater, Fl)

“I’ve been getting massages since I was 13 years old. That’s how badly I need them, since I’m highly prone to anxiety and other debilitating disorders. Annette is hands down the best massage therapist I have EVER been to. And I’m not just saying that cause she’s my cousin, and she’s gorgeous, and she’s got the heart of an angel, I’m saying it cause it’s true.

No massage therapist has ever gotten me to the level of detail that Annette has with my muscles, tackling places and spots I didn’t realize were connected to the pain I had been feeling. I’ve even learned to self-treat myself at work if I feel an anxiety attack coming on — all based on the patterns Annette has uncovered about my body, completely unknown to me before. This is something no massage therapist has ever been able to do for me before.

Thank you cousin!”

Caro F. (Miami, Fl)

“Dear Annie!

Knowing U is a blessing! My friend said something I know, U R D Best!

One of my best friend is coming tomorrow at 830am, the owner in Ecuador. Can we get him in at 11am? My friend…from CNN, she loved your healing massage.

You have an energy unlike any other therapist I know.”

– T.F. (Key Biscayne, FL)

“Thank you so much Annette! I woke up feeling like a new person!!! Soreness almost entirely gone!!! :)” – N. Santamaria (Miami, Fl)

May 20, 2010

“Her Ayurvedic facials are divine, her massages are heavenly. I walk out of my sessions with Annette feeling like a million bucks!”

Jacqueline (Miami, Fl)