We Live in the Land of Karma

I remember one of my first Universal Kabbalah classes, which was nine years ago in New York City. The wonderful teacher with goldi-locked hair and an adorable deep laugh described Earth as “Karma Land”.

This opened up a whole new window for me to observe life and answer the never-ending question: why are we all here?

You see on Planet Earth, nothing is ever good for long enough. You get a taste of “good” but inevitably it seems that something happens to take it away. We must fight to find the security and inner peace and inner gratitude for everything we come across, so that we can ride those waves of up and down. It’s going to happen.

We are here to push ourselves, to expand, to transform, to create alchemy. To change that which has been given to us (sometimes rotten limes) into lemonade. Don’t complain about it, don’t be remorseful, don’t pity yourself. We all have to go through it, at one point or another. Be grateful for the good when you have it. And here is the key:  be grateful for your problems too, for the moment you can truly be grateful for them, that is the moment they are taken away.

This is universal law, and if you don’t believe me, just try it.

Each one of us has break-throughs that push us further along our path. I can’t answer the question of why we are all here. But I know that while I am here, I want to be of service. I want to spread my light. I want to ignite light in others. I want to instil trust, and reliability in the human race. Afterall, if we can’t trust each other, and if we can’t uplift each other, then what are we doing it all for?

The meaning I personally have found, is that life is about community. Thank goodness to my humble and beloved teacher, who has led so many of us into understanding that the needs of the ego is to tear others down, but what we are here for is to fight for the exact opposite – to lift others up.

In my practice, thanks to my preparation, the number of trainings over the years, the investment in myself, the ability to take on a neutral, clean and pure platform, the individual who hires me for a session, taps into the same neutral space that I hold, and miraculous things start to happen when your perspective shifts. Shifts. This is a very powerful word.

There is so much more going on beneath the surface, things we can’t see.  As soon as we think we have it all figured out, something comes along to knock us back down. If we are not connected to our heart, all of our decisions become decisions of the material world, rising from the ego. But when we connect the head to the heart, the physical body is able to carry out the inner desires of the soul, regardless of the circumstance, the perceived limitations, or the erratic mind which tries to steer you to safety only to find at the end of your life that all the miracles you could have had where just on the other side of that safety line. Under the leadership of the heart, you can not go wrong. Remember what it is that we’re all here for. Is the finish line your success in the material world, or is it something entirely different?

I will ask it again – what is the real finish line? The irony sets in when we forget. Why do we act day in and day out as if the finish line is only that which can be seen in Karma Land, a temporary fix?

This continual mindset creates havoc in businesses and in relationships, relationships of any kind. Life is made up of relationships. We are meant to live in community, not to live alone.

Let’s not forget where we came from, and why we’re all here.

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